Face down the rodent infestation. Ensure good public health



In recent years public hygiene has continued to worsen. We often see garbage and food scraps being thrown out on the street and being disposed of improperly which worsens the rodent menace. These rats are also suspected of causing many cases of communicable disease recently.

The DAB has these proposals to the HKSAR government:

1) The government must work at eliminating the rodent infestation! It must place poisonous baits and traps in problem areas and it should also destroy rat holes and put in additional rodent-proofing measures. Also, change up the rat elimination policy according to the rodent infestation rate.

2) Public cleanliness work MUST be strengthened, and they must thoroughly clean each street and back alley. Increase the frequency with which rubbish bins and Refuse Collection Points are cleaned each day.

3) Increase the tempo of inspections of food premises. Target those with poor hygienic environments for law enforcement, and closely monitor people who dispose of garbage illegally in order to preserve hygiene and cleanliness in public areas.

4) Strengthen education and public announcements on this issue in order to increase the awareness of local residents towards the rodent infestation. Encourage locals to participate in district-run efforts to eliminate and prevent rodent infestations

5) Proactively invite foreign experts on rodent prevention and management to share their experience on the prevention and elimination of rodent infestations.


Media contacts:

DAB Spokesperson on Food Safety & Environmental Hygiene and Legislative Councillor Ho Chun Yin 2682 0155