Extracurricular activities Survey Survey Summary



Summer vacation has just begun, can the kids really relax and just take a break? Or are they even busier than they were during the school year? In order to understand how parents are arranging extracurricular activities for their children, the DAB family affairs committee held a survey of 416 parents of elementary school children. The results of the survey showed that 60% of parents have arranged for either extracurricular or tutoring activities for their children over the summer. 10% of parents have arranged for five activities, while over 20% of those surveyed picked 3-4 activities or tutoring sessions for their kids. This situation is worth noting. Also, 25% of the parents surveyed have spent 30% or more of their monthly income on these activities. This shows that parents are keenly interested in starting their kids on a successful path in life and that they are unafraid to spend money to do so.

We wish to remind parents that extracurricular activities should be high in quality and not just quantity. Add to this the fact that there are pros and cons to taking on these activities and classes. Not only is there a financial cost, the most important consideration is whether the child truly requires it, and also the ability and indeed the stamina to undertake these classes. At the same time, we propose that the government should provide more summer activities for kids and subsidise the cost for the children of low-income families who wish to participate. The government should set up more “after-school centres” in order that more children who need assistance can benefit.​