DAB survey on the city’s proposal of municipal solid waste charging


The Environment Bureau has promoted the “Hong Kong Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources 2013-2022” since 2013. The “Blueprint” mentioned its goal to cut down on waste, and the on 20th March, 2017 the Environment Bureau published its suggestion on dealing with waste and rubbish disposal via the proposed implementation arrangements for municipal solid waste charging. The DAB has noted to the HKSAR government that we are paying attention to this issue of reducing waste, therefore we held regular phone surveys in order to understand how the people feel about this issue.

This was the fifth survey on this topic, held mainly to understand the opinions that those surveyed hold on the effectiveness of waste disposal fees, the fees charged, the waste disposal operation as a whole and their views on how the government operates recycling and waste disposal. We successfully interviewed 1,063 people, of whom 48.8% believed that the plan to charge fees for garbage bags will reduce the amount of waste produced by locals, while 58.2% of respondents felt that reasonable fees will add up to no more than $20 a month.

The DAB proposes that when the government is setting the fees, it should take care to minimise the economic burden to residents, especially to lower-income families. At the same time, the government should continue to perfect and improve the facilities for waste disposal and recycling while also implementing a system of rewards to encourage residents to recycle proactively. The DAB believes that the fee payment system should be based on a fixed fee for a fixed purpose. The government should earmark the money collected and go into a fund to help the healthy long term development of the industry and set up high-quality recycling and recycled item re-manufacturing industrial chains. The government should enforce this fee scheme strictly within the law to combat illegal dumping of waste especially in far-flung and isolated areas.