DAB Survey on Hong Kong Reading Habits Summary of Findings & Recommendations


April 18, 2018 — In commemorating World Book Day (April 23), the DAB conducted a telephone survey over the period of 15-28 March 2018 on reading habits in Hong Kong.

Summary of Findings:

On Hong Kong’s Reading Culture: Out of a total of 741 respondents (aged 18 or above), 40.3% do not read / do not have a habit of reading. Only about 10% of Hong Kong residents read for 3 hours or more per week. These findings indicate there is a lack of reading culture in Hong Kong. 55.75% find that Hong Kong has a somewhat to extremely unfriendly-reading culture.

On Hong Kong Readers’ Preferred Reading Format: In terms of what residents prefer when it comes to reading format, the survey has found residents preferring traditional print books over e-books, indicating that electronic book formats have yet to become mainstream at this point.

On Hong Kong Readers’ Reading Incentive: Self-improvement (38.0%) is the top reason to read for local readers as they believe reading helps them“grow in knowledge and improve their skills.”

On Hong Kong Public Libraries Services: Less than 45% (44.7%) of the respondents have used services provided by the Public Libraries in the past year; 36.9% know of the e-books lending services provided by Public Libraries; 36.1% said they were unable to use Public Library services as the libraries were closed when they visited.

Summary of Recommendations:

In order to cultivate and encourage the habit of reading, DAB proposes that the government take steps in:

•promoting the reading of traditional print books in ways such as setting up book kiosks, encouraging the donation of secondhand books and increasing the collections of Public Libraries.

•providing schools with additional funding to purchase more books and promote reading activities.

•lengthening the opening hours of Public Libraries to 11 PM; cancelling shortened weekends or holidays hours.

•promoting e-reading to encourage local residents read any time, any where (convenience).

Media Inquiries: DAB Spokesperson on Home Affairs and Legislative Councilor Lau Kwok Fan (9782 7408) and DAB Vice-Spokesperson on Home Affairs Pun Hau Man (9518 5806)