DAB survey on children’s summer programmes



Survey overview

Survey objective: to understand what summer activities parents have arranged for their kids

Survey period: 18 May – 3 June 2018

No. of questions: 12 questions

Survey method: Randomly selected telephone interviews

Survey subjects: Parents of children attending primary school

Eligible respondents: 302 persons

Survey results

Summer vacation has already begun. How are children spending this summer vacations? In order to understand what arrangements parents have made for their children this summer, the DAB Family Affairs Committee conducted a survey on children’s summer activities with 302 parents of children attending primary school interviewed. The survey results revealed that close to 30% of parents had no particular activities planned for their children, mainly due to financial difficulty. We especially note that close to 50% of respondents have arranged interest classes and tutorials for their children, of whom around 10% have arranged for 5 or more interest classes, and over 30% have arranged for 3 or more tutorials over the summer. In addition, close to 30% of parents are spending 30% or more of their monthly income on their children’s activities over the summer— making it evident that parents make financial sacrifices to help their children “win at the starting line.”

We suggests that the government provide more summer activity programmes for children, subsidise children from lower income families to participate in summer programmes, and set up more extracurricular care centres to provide for more children. We would also like to remind parents not to schedule too many classes or tutorials for their children over the summer, and consider their children’s real needs and abilities. We urge parents to allow free time for play and allow children to relax and recharge over the summer!