DAB’s policy proposals regarding the forthcoming Policy Address and Budget

November 9th,2012


Put people first Build public trust

Because of the uncertain prospect of the global economy and the numerous deep-rooted social problems accumulated in the past, the current administration has been faced with various challenges and its governance has been constantly tested, starting from the day it took office. The DAB thinks that the concept of “an appropriately proactive government seeking changes whilst maintaining overall stability”, which was proposed by the Chief Executive during the election, is well recognized in the society. We hope that the government can materialize this concept and deliver on the promises made by the Chief Executive in the election. The government should solve the deep-rooted social problems, plan on the long term development of Hong Kong, as well as strengthening public confidence in the government, but above all, people’s livelihood should come first. Our 113 major suggestions in 10 areas are as follows:

1. Housing

The government should show determination to stabilize property price and satisfy housing and home purchasing needs of local residents. Suggested measures include providing more public housing and flats under the Home Ownership Scheme, recovering the Sandwich Class Housing Scheme, increasing the scale of “Hong Kong properties for Hong Kong residents” policy, facilitating urban renewal projects, and materializing the Northeast New Territories Development.

2. Public Utilities

The Executive Council should be authorized to examine the adjustment of electric charge proposed by the electric companies every year. Various fare stabilization funds concerning the electric companies, franchised buses and the MTR should be established. The corporations should be required to inject a designated proportion of profits derived from their change of land use for property development into the funds. In addition, the government should purchase ferries and lend them to ferry companies for operation and management.

3. The Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme

Set up an upper limit for the fees of different trustees and funds. Trustees should be required to give a full account of every fee item to their clients annually. The government should consider designating a public organization as a public trustee, which provides investment products linked to the rate of return of the Exchange Fund and the inflation rate. Products in the form of saving account should also be provided, with no management fee.

4. Poverty

Provide sustaining rent subsidies for needy people waiting for public housing or living in cage homes and subdivided flats. Establish a low-income family subsidy scheme. Provide subsidies for those who take care of the disabled. Formulate a 5 year plan for elderly care and community care services. Foster the implementation of Old Age Allowance Scheme and increase the asset limit for single applicants to 300, 000 dollars. Extend the scale of the Community Care Fund Elderly Dental Assistance Programme.

5. Education

Reduce the Form 1 places for allocation. Take care of children’s learning diversity. Establish a government organ focusing on youth affairs. Develop cultural and creative industries and encourage the private sector to invest more in arts and culture.

6. Economic Development

Develop comprehensive strategies for industry support and long term economic development. Support food and medicine manufacturing. Formulate policies that promote new fishery and agriculture businesses. Help the small and medium sized enterprises and small retail business. Strengthen the cooperation with the Mainland.

7. Living Environment

Negotiate a ten year environmental protection plan with Guangdong and Macau, setting targets for emission reductions and mechanism for water resources management. Implement greening works as soon as possible according to the Master Greening Plans. Speed up projects to build a community with barrier-free access. Implement the 3rd round of the Operation Building Bright.

8. Middle Class

Continue to provide measures to relieve the burden on people’s livelihood, including various salary tax concessions and deductions. (See attached for details) Set up a committee to work on problems facing the middle class.

9. Family and Ethnic Minority Affairs

Legislate on salaried paternity leave. Provide more community child care service and help women participate in social affairs. Establish a Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs to oversee works and services in different policy areas for ethnic minorities, and provide better educational and employment support for them.

10. Administration

Implement the recommendations of the Independent Review Committee for the Prevention and Handling of Potential Conflicts of Interests, and those of the Director of Audit on “Hotel accommodation arrangements for the Chief Executive’s duty visits outside Hong Kong”. Improve the administrative efficiency for district affairs. Strengthen the functions of District Councils and provide more assistance to District Councilors. Increase the budget for the Minor Works Program.


Media enquiries: Tam Yiu Chung, Chairperson of the DAB (7770 0708), Starry Lee, Vice-chairperson of the DAB (7770 0820), Elizabeth Quat, Legislative Council Member (9031 7995)