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DAB's expectations for 2022 Policy Address - finance, I&T, economy and trade

August 16, 2022

The DAB is going to meet with Chief Executive John Lee in September to discuss the 2022 Policy Address. We announced recommendations on how to promote Hong Kong's future economic development, consolidating and enhancing Hong Kong's status as an international financial, I&T and economic and trade center.

Key recommendations

  1. Promote RMB internationalization

  2. Strengthen Hong Kong’s status as a major fundraising center

  3. Proactively attract investment and talents

  4. Promote Hong Kong’s status as an international economic and trade center

  5. Promote the development of I&T and Re-industrialization

Other recommendations

  1. Enhance financial security measures

  2. Strengthen the connectivity between financial markets to promote RMB internationalization

  3. Promote insurance business under mutual market access scheme in the Greater Bay Area

  4. Provide more support to the accounting industry

  5. Strengthen the development of digital economy

  6. Promote the development of e-commerce

  7. Develop smart city clusters in the Greater Bay Area

Media contacts:

DAB Financial Affairs Spokesperson Rock Chan 5398 3885

DAB Financial Affairs Spokesperson Edmund Wong 5978 9007

DAB Commerce and Industry Spokesperson Kennedy Wong 3589 6648

DAB Economic Development Spokesperson Holden Chow 3703 9870

DAB Information Technology and Broadcasting Spokesperson Elizabeth Quat 9031 7995


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