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DAB responded to recurrence of child maltreatment in Po Leung Kuk residential childcare service

September 27, 2022

A child maltreatment incident was unearthed recently in the Po Leung Kuk residential childcare service (Babies Section). A staff member pushed the babies and caused them to fall onto the floor mat many times. The staff member involved in the case was reported to have been arrested and was now on bail pending further investigation. DAB LegCo member and Welfare Services Spokesperson Stanley Li was shocked and felt anger at the incident, as child maltreatment happened again in less than a year since the last incident was reported.

Stanley Li put forward 7 recommendations to improve supervision and prevent child maltreatment.

  1. The Police and Social Welfare Department should conduct comprehensive investigations on the quality and manpower of the childcare service involved

  2. The Labour and Welfare Bureau and the Social Welfare Department must expedite the completion of "Review of Residential Child Care and Related Services"

  3. Social Welfare Department should deploy additional supervisory and monitoring manpower

  4. Social Welfare Department should require childcare service providers to better train their frontline staff

  5. Expedite the bill on a mandatory reporting mechanism for child abuse cases

  6. Strengthen the penalties for child maltreatment related criminal offences

  7. Study to setup a blacklist of child care workers

Media enquiries:

DAB LegCo Member and Welfare Services Spokesperson Stanley Li (9797 7393)


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