DAB Party Heads Elected



Following elections on April 3 for 52 members of the DAB’s 15th Central Committee and 42 members of the 8th Senate, the two bodies today held their inaugural meetings of the new term.  LEE Wai King, Starry was elected the DAB Chairperson while CHEUNG Kwok Kwan, Horace, CHAN Yung, Brave, CHOW Ho Ding, Holden and CHAN Hak Kan, Gary were elected again as Vice-Chairpersons, CHONG Wai Ming, Steve was re-elected as Treasurer.  Former Secretary-General CHAN Hok Fung was elected as Vice-Chairperson and will be replaced in his former role by WONG Shun Yee, Albert.  The Standing Committee also appointed IP Ngo Tung, Chris, HUNG Kam In, Kin, CHENG Wing Shun, Vincent, LAI Wing Ho, Joe and Ngan Man Yu, Frankie as Deputy Secretary Generals.  LO Man Tuen was elected as Chairperson of the 8th Senate.

The members of the Standing Committee, together with the Chairperson LEE Wai King, Starry and LO Man Tuen met the media after the meeting.  Speaking at the conference, LEE Wai King, Starry said “the changes to the DAB leadership were conducted smoothly, and because of this I wish to thank the belief and support shown to the new leadership by all DAB members.   The new DAB Standing Committee consists entirely of the new generation with an average age of 44.”

She points out that DAB has achieved three major breakthroughs in the past two years.  The first is electoral, CHENG Wing Shun, Vincent, CHIK Kit Ling, Elaine and CHAN Hoi Yan, Rebecca won their respective by-elections under the support of the Establishment Camp.  The second breakthrough is in terms of party development as the total number of DAB members exceeded 40,000 for the first time while more than 180 branch offices serve the people in all 18 districts of the HKSAR.  The third breakthrough is on social media as the DAB Facebook page has received over 40,000 likes.

When looking to the future, LEE Wai King, Starry said the new leadership will focus on six directions.  First is to firmly support “One Country, Two Systems” and the authority of the Constitution and the Basic Law.  Second is to promote the work of “reunification of people’s hearts”.  The third is to encourage the participation of different sectors of Hong Kong in the development of the Greater Bay Area.  Fourth is to strengthen DAB youth work.  Fifth is to improve the district service and the work in the District and Legislative Councils.  Sixth is to contest the District Council elections this year and make preparations for the Legislative Council elections next year.

Attachment: Members of the Central Committee, Standing Committee and Senate (PDF)