DAB Elects New Leadership


The general elections of the 12th Central Committee and the 5th Senate of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong (DAB) were successfully held on 15 April. Elected were 52 new Central Committee members and 43 Senate members. The new session of the Central Committee held its first meeting tonight and elected 21 Standing Committee members. In the Standing Committee elections, Mr. Tam Yiu-chung was re-elected as DAB Chairman. The five Vice-chairmen elected were Ms. Starry Lee, Ms. Chiang Lai-wan, Mr. Cheung Kwok-kwan, Mr. Pang Cheung-wai and Mr. Chan Yung. Respectively elected as Secretary-General, Treasurer and Deputy Secretary-General for the new term were Mr. Chan Hok-fung, Mr. Wong Kine-yuen and Mr. Ip Ngo-tung. The first meeting of the new session of the Senate was also held tonight. Mr. Jose Yu Sun-say was re-elected as the Senate Chairman.

DAB Chairman Mr. Tam led the new leadership at a media conference following the meeting of the Central Committee. He explained that the new session of the Central Committee will strengthen cohesion among the district branches, concentrate on regional services and develop more political talent to promote social stability and economic development.

The 12th Central Committee

Party Leadership

Chairman TAM Yiu Chung, GBS, JP

Vice-Chairmen LEE Wai King, Starry, JP

CHIANG Lai Wan, Ann, JP

CHEUNG Kwok Kwan, Horace

PANG Cheung Wai, Thomas, BBS, JP


Secretary-General CHAN Hok Fung

Treasurer WONG Kine Yuen, MH, JP

Deputy Secretary-General IP Ngo Tung, Chris

The 5th Senate

Chairman YU Sun Say, GBS, SBS, JP

Vice-Chairmen YEUNG Chun Kam, Charles, SBS, JP

YEUNG Yiu Chung, BBS

LO Man Tuen, BBS, JP

LAU Yue Sun, BBS

NG Sze Fuk, George, BBS, JP

TANG Siu Tong, SBS, JP

FONG Wo, Felix, JP

WONG See Sum, JP


CHUNG Shui Ming, Timpson, GBS, JP

CHONG Shaw Swee


Party Affairs Advisors

LEUNG Oi Sie, Elsie, GBM, JP

NG Hong Mun, GBM

HU Fa Kuang, GBS, JP

TSANG Yok Sing, Jasper, GBS, JP

LAU Hon Chuen, Ambrose, GBS, JP

IP Kwok Him, GBS, JP

WEN Carson, BBS, JP

TAM Wai Chu, Maria, GBS, JP