DAB Consumer Confidence Survey Results Summary


This time the consumer confidence index has rebounded compared to the past year. The total index of consumer sentiment rose from 59.6 and 66.6 last year to 69 this year. The index of consumer expectations rose from 64.3 to 70, and the current conditions index fell from 70 to 67.5. This shows that relatively few Hong Kong residents were able to show marked improvement in personal finances over the past year, and this probably had to do with the fact that the economy was at an extended low ebb through most of last year. When the number of tourists to Hong Kong decreased, it affected the performance of all tourism-related industries, leading to the extended downturn.

The DAB believes that the government should quickly enact a tax scheme that will help relieve and support our residents in need. By using the Community Care Fund, we can help take care of the needs of the “N Have-nots” in particular. We also urge government to improve the welfare and treatment of the elderly and help SMEs to develop and create conditions to diversify our industrial landscape. ​

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