Creating Our Future Get Together : The Expectations of the DAB towards the 2017-2018 Policy Address



The new HKSAR government has just begun its new term. The DAB hopes that Chief Executive Ms. Carrie Lam will take its campaign motto of “We Connect” to heart and to truly understand the deepest wishes of Hong Kong residents. We expect that Ms. Lam and her cabinet will increase its contacts with society while formulating and enacting rational and purposeful policies that will show the new approach to governance and greater administrative and overall efficiency. Such actions will improve the people’s standard of living and promote economic development, turning a new page for Hong Kong.

Regarding the first policy address of the new Chief Executive, the DAB has expressed its hopes and expectations for the policy address to Chief Executive Ms. Carrie Lam today. We expressed to her that we hoped that her cabinet and herself will truly implement their campaign motto of “We Connect: We Care, We Listen, We Act” in such a way that it will promote the three priorities of politics, the economy and the people’s livelihood and put fresh impetus behind them and create a better future. In the political realm, the HKSAR government should consult with the people and listen to their suggestions. It should firmly defend “One Country, Two Systems” and improve administrative efficiency while also staying close to the will of the people. On the economic front, the government should be able to seize opportunities and make use of advantageous circumstances created by National policies and proactively participate in Mainland economic initiatives. We should accelerate industrial diversification and create more high paying jobs while increasing the opportunities for social mobility. As for the people’s welfare and livelihood, the government should work side by side with sectors from all over society. The government should invest more in our society, to break out of self-imposed boxes with a will to improve and a proactive, positive attitude. The HKSAR government should work hard to resolve the deep contradictions and divisions in society and truly share the fruits of development to all the residents of Hong Kong.​


Media Contact: DAB Chairperson Starry Lee (7770-0820)