Congratulates Ms. Carrie Lam on her Election to become the Fifth Chief Executive of the HKSAR


The DAB congratulates Ms. Carrie Lam on her election to become the Fifth Chief Executive of the HKSAR.

Currently Hong Kong is facing many challenges, but also has many opportunities. We hope that Ms. Lam will stand by what is right and strive for results by courageously dealing with difficulties. She should work to solve the various deeply rooted problems of our society. We hope and expect that Ms. Lam will be widely accepted in our society and be a virtuous leader, and we expect that she will quickly gather a strong policymaking team around her in order that she could implement her political platform in a timely manner. We hope that she can bring our society together, develop the economy and improve the people’s livelihood.

The DAB will continue to hold to “endorse what is right and criticize what is wrong” as our basic motto, in order that we may better help the government to improve its standard of governance and one that fits the hopes of Hong Kong residents and can help the common good of our society as a whole.

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