Closing Ceremony for the 2017 DAB Summer Internship Programs on the Mainland



This summer the DAB held its work experience internship program on the Mainland for Hong Kong university students. We brought 65 students from various tertiary education institutions to Chongqing and Hangzhou to undergo a work experience internship that allowed them to understand the working life on the Mainland by experiencing it personally over the period of a month. This internship program was sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau and the Young DAB. The students who participated in the internship program have already returned to Hong Kong and shared what they have learned during the internship with all the other participants. The DAB held the closing ceremony for this internship at 2 PM on 2nd September, 2017. Headlining guests included DAB Chairperson Ms. Starry Lee, Director-General of the Department of Social Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR Mr. Yang Mao, Under Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development Dr. Bernard Chan, DAB Vice Chairperson Mr. Horace Cheung, DAB Vice Chairperson Mr. Holden Chow and Young DAB Chairperson Mr. Ngan Man-Yu.

During the closing ceremony, DAB Chairperson Starry Lee expressed that young people needed to increase their life experience in addition to studying hard in school. She believes that this internship experience on the Mainland will give these young people a new perspective on life and hoped that the participants will be able to sum up their experiences on this program and enable them to achieve their own career and life goals more effectively. Under Secretary Dr. Bernard Chan expressed that on top of the American and European markets the ASEAN and Mainland markets are very important for Hong Kong. He hopes that young people will be able to understand the current economic situation and set out their own career path accordingly. DAB Vice Chairperson Horace Cheung expressed that the Mainland economy is in a period of rapid development and he hopes that young people will be able to take the opportunities presented by this fact and give themselves a broader space for personal and career development. DAB Vice Chairperson Holden Chow expressed that the internship gave these young people the opportunity to understand the job market and working life and culture on the Mainland. This allows everyone who participated in the internship a greater chance to prepare to participate in society. Young DAB Chairperson Ngan Man-Yu expressed his hope that the participants in the internship will now understand better whether they are truly suited for a career in the industry they interned for, and that this experience will help them to better adapt to working life when they enter the workforce full time.

When the returning internees were sharing their experiences, they each shared their experiences on the Mainland in terms of both career and life development bit by bit. They expressed that they were able to experience the daily operations of the companies or organizations and able to feel the culture and history of the cities they interned within. Thus they were able to gain many positives from this experience, and a number of participants expressed that they are willing to explore the possibility of developing their career on the Mainland.

Chongqing and Hangzhou Internship details:

Chongqing Internship Program

Dates: 8th June – 13th July, 2017

Participants: 24 persons

Organizations participating in the program: Agricultural Bank of China, Meihuang Management Ltd (Chongqing), the Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum and others.

Hangzhou Internship Program

Dates: 29th June – 28th July, 2017

Participants: 41 persons

Organizations participating in the program: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum, Zhejiang Energy Group Ltd and others.


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