Call for Legco to Investigate Benny Tai and his “Hong Kong independence” Speech


April 13, 2018 — The DAB firmly opposes to any speech that incites or promotes “Hong Kong independence.” “Hong Kong independence” is in contravention of the constitution and the Basic Law. Advocating “Hong Kong Independence” not only undermines “One Country, Two Systems”, it stands to harm national interests as well as the interests of Hong Kong and is detrimental to Hong Kong society.

The peace-loving people of Hong Kong respect and love our Nation. However, architect and leader of the illegal “Occupy” movement Benny Tai did not only split our society and destroy Hong Kong’s peace and stability, he has publicly called for Hong Kong to become an “independent state” — his secessionist attempts are cause for anxiety for the people of Hong Kong. We express our strong condemnation against Benny Tai’s remarks on Hong Kong people deciding whether or not to found “an independent state,” made at the “Taiwan Youth Anti-Communist National Salvation Corps.”

Article 1 of the Basic Law clearly points out that “The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China.” The people of Hong Kong should abide by the Basic Law and Legislative Councilors must dutifully safeguard the authority of the Basic Law — doing their utmost to be aware of, condemn and fight any attempt in promoting and advocating “Hong Kong independence” and act of secession. Therefore, we urge Legco to immediately follow up and investigate Benny Tai’s speech on “Hong Kong independence” and to deal with the social angst his speech has since caused.

Media Inquiries: DAB Chairperson and Legislative Councilor Starry Lee (7770 0820)


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