“Business Dialogue” Dinner


The YoungDAB held a “Business Dialogue” Dinner gathering at the Club One Dining and Banquet Hall in Whampoa on the evening of May 4th. The objective of this dinner was to allow young people to hold an exchange of dialogue and ideas with entrepreneurs and businesspeople and to give young people a chance to meet and understand different businesses and business cultures. From this they can gain a clearer sense of their own direction in life and increase their level of competitiveness as they find and follow their future careers. We successfully invited many representatives of major local companies, including the CLP Chief Corporate Development Officer Quince Chong, the Head of FI Business for the Bank of China Steve Chong, Hong Kong Air Cargo Carrier Ltd. General Manager and Strategic Planning William Chan, Head of Human Resources Operations (Non-Racing) for the Hong Kong Jockey Club Daisy Lee, MTRC Ltd Corporate Affairs Director Linda So, Cathay Pacific Airlines General Manager Albert Wong and Director of Crowe Horwath (Hong Kong) Charbon Lo as our guests. Over 60 YoungDAB members gained the opportunity to meet and hold an exchange with this distinguished group.

DAB Chairperson Starry Lee said in her speech that even though each business representative was very busy, they still took the time to attend our “Business Dialogue” dinner, and she thanked each and every one of them for supporting youth work. At the same time she encouraged various young people to seize this precious opportunity and proactively speak to the distinguished guests and try to learn as much as possible about the business culture in each company or line of work. This should be done in order to pave the way for their own future careers.

YoungDAB Chairperson Ngan Man-Yu said that young people are the future of Hong Kong and they need an opportunity and a platform to develop themselves. The YoungDAB has always worked to hold various youth activities such as holding dinners with distinguished guests. Each dinner invited a number of successful people from different walks of life to come and share their road to success with the young people. Since last year, the YoungDAB has again held a “Business Dialogue Dinner” on May 4th and inviting more than 10 representatives of major local companies as well as over a hundred young people to hold an exchange with each other. This allowed young people to understand the culture of each company and also allowed the business representatives to learn of the views of young people.

This activity was hosted by the YoungDAB. The co-organizers included the Kowloon Federation Of Association Youth Affairs Committee, the Youth Council, the Young Executives’ Committee of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong United Youth Association, the Young Elites Association, the Hong Kong Federation of Hainan Community Organizations Ltd, the Hong Kong Federation of Fujian Community Organizations Youth Committee, the Federation of HK Guangxi Community Organizations, the Federation of HK Guangdong Community Organizations Youth Committee and the Federation of New Territories Youth. ​

Media Contact: YoungDAB Chairperson and Kwun Tong District Councilor Ngan Man-Yu (6600-2511)​