A survey on “local residents purchasing travel insurance”



The DAB surveyed 528 local residents aged 18 and over by phone in order to understand the situation regarding how locals who travel purchase travel insurance.

The goal of this survey was to compare the safeguards and costs of individual travel insurance schemes on the market and how the general public can choose the travel insurance plan that fits their own situations. We looked at 6 different travel insurance plans provided by different travel agencies, insurance companies and banks and compared their insurance fees, medical fees, individual accident insurance and the highest rate of compensation for high-risk activities and the activities included under this umbrella.

The survey results show that only around 70% of respondents said that they will “certainly” purchase travel insurance when they travel and less than 60% of respondents said that they will look carefully at the terms and conditions of any travel insurance they purchase. These dismal results show that local residents do not have sufficient knowledge about travel insurance. On another front, the percentage of travelers who bought travel insurance online rose from 4% in 2013 to 16% today. We believe this shows that an increasing number of the public will purchase travel insurance on the internet. The DAB proposes that the government must strengthen the monitoring and supervision over websites that sell travel insurance and research ways to set up an Outbound Tourism Authority or Board through subsidiary legislation and to set industry guidelines. This will strengthen the monitoring of websites selling travel insurance. Finally, the government should work to explain these issues to consumers and educate them. ​


Media contact:

DAB Spokesperson on Economic Development and Legislative Councilor Holden Chow 3703 9870

District Councilor Vincent Cheng 6373 1979