2018 Survey on the Weight of Schoolbags DAB Family Affairs Committee



The DAB Family Affairs Committee conducted a city-wide survey and hosted an event in Shau Kei Wan on the weight of schoolbags.  A total of 726 students were interviewed to see if their schoolbags met the standard of not being over 10% of a student’s body weight.  We found that 77% of the students’ schoolbags were overweight and that the average weight per schoolbag is 4.1 kg.

Schoolbag weight comparison from 2006-2017 (there were no surveys in 2008, 2012 and 2016)

Therefore, we propose:

The Education Bureau should sponsor schools to purchase “Shared Textbooks” by buying textbooks of certain subjects in bulk, and then store them in schools for students to use in class.

When scheduling classes the schools should link classes together as much as possible in order to cut down on the number of textbooks students need to bring.

Desks should have lockable drawers so as to encourage students to leave and store textbooks they don’t need in drawers or school lockers.

Parents should supervise their children to tidy up their schoolbags and teach them not to bring unnecessary items to school.

Parents should learn more about selecting proper schoolbags, and supervise their children in the proper way of carrying schoolbags as well as check the weight of the bag.

Students should maintain proper posture.  Improper posture when carrying schoolbags will cause neck pain, shoulder pain and hip problems.  Parents should pay special notice on and observe whether their children have scoliosis or back problems, and should consult healthcare professionals if necessary.

Students need sufficient sunlight in order to absorb vitamin D and grow strong bones.

Textbook publishers should publish simplified and practical textbooks to cut down on the weight of  books.


Media Inquiries: DAB Family Affairs Chairperson Jacqueline Chung 5109 8058