DAB Survey on Hong Kong Reading Habits Summary of Findings & Recommendations

18 Apr 2018
DAB Survey on Hong Kong Reading Habits Summary of Findings & Recommendations
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April 18, 2018 — In commemorating World Book Day (April 23), the DAB conducted a telephone survey over the period of 15-28 March 2018 on reading habits in Hong Kong.

 Summary of Findings: 

On Hong Kong’s Reading Culture:  Out of a total of 741 respondents (aged 18 or above), 40.3% do not read / do not have a habit of reading.  Only about 10% of Hong Kong residents read for 3 hours or more per week.  These findings indicate there is a lack of reading culture in Hong Kong.  55.75% find that Hong Kong has a somewhat to extremely unfriendly-reading culture. 

On Hong Kong Readers’ Preferred Reading Format:  In terms of what residents prefer when it comes to reading format, the survey has found residents preferring traditional print books over e-books, indicating that electronic book formats have yet to become mainstream at this point. 

On Hong Kong Readers’ Reading Incentive: Self-improvement (38.0%) is the top reason to read for local readers as they believe reading helps them“grow in knowledge and improve their skills.” 

On Hong Kong Public Libraries Services: Less than 45% (44.7%) of the respondents have used services provided by the Public Libraries in the past year;  36.9% know of the e-books lending services provided by Public Libraries; 36.1% said they were unable to use Public Library services as the libraries were closed when they visited. 

Summary of Recommendations:

In order to cultivate and encourage the habit of reading,  DAB proposes that the government take steps in:

  • promoting the reading of traditional print books in ways such as setting up book kiosks, encouraging the donation of secondhand books and increasing the collections of Public Libraries. 
  • providing schools with additional funding to purchase more books and promote reading activities.
  • lengthening the opening hours of Public Libraries to 11 PM; cancelling shortened weekends or holidays hours.  
  • promoting e-reading to encourage local residents read any time, any where (convenience). 


Media Inquiries:  DAB Spokesperson on Home Affairs and Legislative Councilor Lau Kwok Fan (9782 7408) and DAB Vice-Spokesperson on Home Affairs Pun Hau Man (9518 5806)


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