”Gui” (Expensive) is voted as the Chinese Character of the year for 2017

The DAB has finished its fifth  “Chinese Character of the year contest” where we invited the people of Hong Kong to vote for their choice from among the 10 choices Read more

The Response of the DAB to the NPCSC regarding the Co-location Arrangement

The NPCSC approved the “Co-operation Arrangement between the Mainland & the HKSAR on the Establishment of the Port at the West Kowloon Station of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link Read more

The DAB’s Six Wishes for Christmas

During the Christmas season, the DAB Communications and Public Relations Committee held a special Christmas party with the media!  Our 12 Legislative Councilors, DAB Vice Chairperson Chan Yung, Vice-Secretary Vincent Read more

Our response to the anniversary of the government’s announcement of its Long Term Housing Strategy

As this is the anniversary of the government’s announcement of its Long Term Housing Strategy, the DAB has the following response and reflection: 1)       Basically the report is “remaining unchanged”.  It Read more

The DAB’s response to the smart city blueprint

In regards to the first ever government blueprint for setting up a smart city here in Hong Kong, the DAB believes that this is a breakthrough for the Hong Kong Read more

Our response to the new arrangements for the notification mechanism between the Mainland and Hong Kong

Hong Kong has reached the new agreements on mutual notification mechanism with the Mainland, and the DAB welcomes this. We feel that as the former mechanism dated to 2001, some Read more

We support the amendments to the Rules of Procedure that allow the Legco to return to its proper function

In recent years, the opposition camp has constantly filibustered in both the main chamber of Legco as well as within subcommittees.  This has delayed a lot of funding and approval Read more

We welcome the decision to broaden the scope of the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme (“the scheme”)

The government had mentioned such a fare subsidy scheme in the policy address.  The DAB has always pushed for shuttle buses and red minibuses to also be covered by the Read more

Survey on housing policy among young people

In order to understand how young people view the series of new policies announced in the Policy Address such as the Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme, the regularization of Read more

Invest in the future and share the fruits of development

The government has begun its consulting process with the public for the 2018-19 Budget.   The DAB has presented its proposals regarding the budget entitled “Invest in The Future and Share the Fruits Read more

Discussing the Traffic Problems in North District with the Transport Department and the Police

The traffic congestion in North District has become more severe in recent times.  This has a major effect on district residents and exposes the fact that the road facilities in Read more

Four proposals for the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge becoming a “double gateway” between Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (“the bridge”) will soon be open to traffic. As it is a strategic double gateway that connects Hong Kong with the Greater Bay Area and places Read more

Lau Kwok-Fan responds to the price increase for the Dongjiang water

Media Inquiries:  Lau Kwok-Fan (9782 7408) ​ The Development Bureau has signed an agreement with Guangdong Province regarding the supply of Dongjiang water for the next three years. Under the new agreement, water Read more

Our response to the latest Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report

Media inquiries: Legislative Councilor Leung Che-Cheung (9016-8088)​ The government has publicized its newest Poverty Situation Report.  Last year the size of the poor population was 1,352,000 persons which is the highest Read more

KMB Monthly Pass is already approved and are waiting for integration with the Octopus system

Media Inquiries: DAB Legislative Councilor Lau Kwok-Fan (9782 7408)​ The DAB has pressed the bus companies to provide subsidies and rebates to its customers.  DAB Councilor Lau Kwok-Fan says that the Read more

Wilson Or responds to the number of public housing applicants passing the 280,000 mark

Media inquiries: Wilson Or (9266-1035) The response of the member of Housing Authority, Wilson Or : Even though the average time spent on the waitlist is slightly shorter, we are still Read more

We oppose “capping” the number of rental units in public housing

According to an exclusive interview with Ming Pao, the Chief Executive mentioned that 800,000 rental public housing units were sufficient to meet the needs of the grassroots.  Given that currently Read more

The response of the DAB to the announcement of the government on the improvements to the implementation of the municipal solid waste (MSW) charging scheme

The HKSAR government announced its modifications to the implementation of the municipal solid waste (MSW) charging scheme.  The government pointed out that it would expand the use of pre-paid designated Read more

The DAB Family Affairs Committee meets with the Under Secretary for Education

The DAB Family Affairs Committee (“the Committee”) has always been concerned with education policy.  On 25th October, the Committee alongside DAB Vice Secretaries Vincent Cheng and Hung Kam-In met with Read more

Survey on the views of the general public regarding the powdered formula restriction

When there was a shortage on powdered formula in Hong Kong in early 2013, the HKSAR government put a limit on the number of formula cans a traveler can take Read more

YoungDAB Roundtable Forum

The YoungDAB recently held a roundtable forum for exchanging opinion on education and career issues of young people.  We invited Ms. Apple Tse, Head of Hong Kong Christian Service, Dr. Read more

The Response of the DAB to the 2017 Policy Address

The DAB welcomes the content of the latest policy address and believes that it is a policy address that is in accordance with the “tolerate different opinions and act courageously” Read more

“Our Days in 6E” Movie Appreciation Night

The DAB Ethnic Minorities Committee held a Movie Appreciation Night on 7th October for the school-based film “Our Days in 6E”.  We invited 200 ethnic minority youth and their families Read more

Proposals on how best to utilize the extra funding for education from the DAB Family Affairs Committee

Survey overview Survey objective: To understand how elementary and secondary school principals feel about how best to use the remaining $1.4 billion and a one-time infusion of $18 billion into the Read more

The DAB’s proposals to the government on youth and children policy: “Nurturing a new generation sound in body and mind”

Children and youth are going to inherit our society, and they are the future as the social and economic development of Hong Kong will be down to their work as Read more

Tea reception to promote rare diseases policy

Currently there are over 7,000 diseases on planet earth.  Many international organizations as well as countries and regions such as the WHO, the EU, the USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea Read more

The DAB Woman Affairs Committee Survey on Organ Donation

1). Survey Overview Survey Objective: To see views of general public on organ donation and the “opt-out” system Survey time period: 19th April to 1st May, 2017 Questions asked: Nine questions Method of interview: Read more

The DAB met with the Secretary for Food and Health

The new government has become operational in July this year and many new secretaries have been appointed to their positions.  The DAB met with the Secretary for Food and Health Read more

We stand against the large-scale divestment of property by Link REIT

From 2014 onward, Link REIT has tendered many properties for sale, including more than 20 shopping centers in public housing estates, wet markets and parking lots.  These divestments have occurred Read more

The YoungDAB proposes the construction of Youth Hostels

The YoungDAB held a survey in the “YoungDAB’s hopes and expectations for the new Administration". One of the questions was which pressing issue the new government should deal with first, Read more