Latest Information for Preventing H7N9

Hong Kong Government has confirmed the first human case of avian influenza H7N9 in Hong Kong on 2 December. The Government has raised the response level from 'alert' to 'serious' Read more

The DAB’s Proposals for the forthcoming Policy Address and Budget – 24 Measures

Increase subsidized tertiary school places and designate a fund to encourage further studies so as to provide more education alternatives for students. Guarantee the right of local children to attend schools Read more

Provision of FREE HPV Vaccines

Cervical cancer is amongst the 10 most common cancers in Hong Kong.  DAB Women's Affairs Committee is always concerned about this issue and has organised numerous surveys and petitions to Read more

All about Poverty Line

Say “NO” to odour Garbage trucks should have air-tight doors

Over 1000 garbage trucks go around Hong Kong carrying wastes. As many garbage trucks have no air-tight doors, there may be problems such as dripping of sewage water and dropping Read more

Enhance internet security with 7 measures

The DAB has recently conducted a survey and found that most people are concerned about internet security but they have not carried out sufficient safety measures. In order to help Read more

DAB Initiates Territory-wide Petition: “Oppose Filibustering – Protect Livelihoods”

The DAB is currently deliberating the proposed Budget, but the League of Social Democrats and People Power are engaging in filibuster tactics, proposing nearly 800 amendments in a move that Read more

DAB Elects New Leadership

The general elections of the 12th Central Committee and the 5th Senate of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong (DAB) were successfully held on 15 April. Elected Read more