Amend the council’s Rules of Procedure  and let the Legco get back on track

Enforce the National Anthem Law to protect the dignity of our Nation

We Need to Solve the Civil Service Personnel Shortage

We should temporarily shelve the two-way toll collection system for the Lantau Link

Hong Kong should proactively participate in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Initiative

The Opposition Blindly Opposes the Co-location Arrangement

The Express Rail Link brings Economic Benefits and Limitless Opportunities

Co-location fast and convenient

Let’s Do a Good Job Implementing “One Country, Two Systems”

We firmly denounce the legislative councilors who promote the so-called “Taiwan independence” and “Hong Kong independence” movements

The DAB WISHES TO REMIND EVERYONE The Public Hospitals will increase their prices and improve the medical fee waiving mechanism Public Hospitals price adjustments on June 18th, 2017

The DAB supports the Kai Tak Sports Park Project

10 Major Proposals on allocation of the new financial resources for education

Patients are NOT to be sacrificial lambs to medical malpractice!

Examples of horrific malpractice continue to pile up in our public hospitals.  Other than suspicion of human error, this shows that the malpractice report procedures of the Hospital Authority (HA) Read more

Face down the rodent infestation Ensure good public health

We must prudently deal with the details of the New Scheme of Control Agreements (SCA) with two Power Companies

We Expect the New Chief Executive to Stand by what is Right and Strive for Results: walk together with the people

Children with Hong Kong residency to attend Public Schools in Shenzhen finally becomes a possibility

Analyzing the Dongjiang Water Supply Agreement, Optimizing the management of water resources

The Aftermath of the Missing Laptops containing sensitive elector’s information

Pass the Appropriation Bill as soon as possible and ensure the welfare of our senior citizens

The $2 subsidy for seniors is now in effect on six more routes in effect from April 1st, 2017

We Expect the New Chief Executive to Walk Alongside the Public

Strengthen the “Building Management Ordinance” and increase funding for building maintenance and repair

Regarding the Quality of Public Healthcare

Before Raising the Price of “Beef Jerky”, We Should Deal with the Lack of Parking Spaces First

We Need to Support the “N Have-Nots”

Wholehearted Support of the Hong Kong Police Force

We hope the new Chief Executive will lead Hong Kong forward

The New Chief Executive should “Stand for what is right and strive for results”