Improve Cybersecurity Protect Personal Privacy and Property

Making the  “One-hour Living Circle” a Reality

Providing Detailed Explanations Can Ease Public Concerns

Anti-Rodent Work Needs to be Strengthened at All Districts

Reviewing Post-storm Arrangements

Pro-independence Advocacy on Hong Kong Campuses Must be Dealt with Sternly

HK should do more to help ethnic minorities succeed

Have you ever thought that choosing between Chinese Medium Instruction and English Medium Instruction schools can be difficult? Perhaps not for a local student, but the same cannot be said Read more

The Residence Permit: A Major Convenience Facilitating Measure

Room for Improvement for the Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WPRS)

Persevering in the right direction and courageously moving forward

Support for “Hong Kong National Party” Ban

Regulate the Sharing Economy Properly and Urgently

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area provides  a larger stage for culture and the arts

The High Speed Rail Needs an Efficient & Convenient Ticketing System

Three Key Principles in Resolving Our Land Supply Problem

It is important for Hong Kong to participate in the development of the Greater Bay Area

The pricing mechanism for HOS flats must be reviewed

Take measures to alleviate a possible Trade War

Benny Tai’s insidious proposal of “Hong Kong independence” is an obvious case of self-incrimination

We will continue to work for National Treatment for HKSAR residents on the Mainland

Allow more residents to share in the fruits of development

Our Treasury is overflowing, so return wealth to the people

Co-location is the best solution

Protecting children from harm

Implement national treatment and promote integration between  Hong Kong and the Mainland

The local legislation of the co-location arrangement cannot be delayed

We hope politics returns to normal